I know how difficult it is to have an aging parent.  Below are some of the services we provide to allow your time with them to be experiences rather than tasks.

Checking in via visits and daily phone calls

Reminders for appointments and birthdays

Arrange transportation to and from doctor appointments

Pick/Drop off prescriptions

Sort prescriptions in weekly containers

Organize mail

Run errands

Sit with a sick loved one

Art and creative projects such as memory books

No job too big or too small

Customized To Your Needs

Licensed and Insured

Home and Office Organization

~Clutter Control and Removal

-Storage Solutions

~Paper Management

~Design Closet Systems

~ Time Management

Project Management

House Management

-Contractor bidding

~Supervise Contractors/Job oversight

~ Home Maintenance

~Vendor Selection

Manage Rental Property

~Find and screen Tenants

~Prepare Lease

~Move In and Out Walk through

~Respond to all tenants requests

Mediation of Processions


Coordination of Oversea Moves

Sell Items on Craigslist and Ebay

Recommend Charities for Donations

 Car Repair

~Drop off for service

~Schedule detailing



Personal gift shopping

Research Information


~Health issues


Vacation Planning

Dispute Bills

Grocery Shopping

Wait for “the cable guy”


~Take pets to the vet or groomer

~Dog walking

~Pet sitting

Event Planning

~Dinner parties


~Theme Party

~Children’s Party